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If you build it, they will come? 4 users so far. Let me know if you have tried any of the apps yet.

I dug up another couple of shots from one of our old group shoots @JenniferH
Breezy in a make shift piece of cloth turned into a sophisticated dress.

A blast from the past. Strobes and water can work as long as they don't touch each other... Julia and little sister...

@CdaLicSea when's the move happening? Is NYC still worth visiting, or should I wait until opens up again?

Wasn't expecting to get so close to nature during the last photography group shoot! The mom didn't seem to worried about up. Model: Mads

From one of the last group shoots out on the Spokane River. Diamond Eyes, and Amanda...

I used my little Profoto A1's. It was a perfect evening with a perfect sky. A fine line between storm and drama!

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